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Total : $ 50.00

20 mil. Translucent Styrene is a light-diffusing sheet plastic material engineered for backlit applications. When printed double-strike(2-layers) with U.V. curable inks, it can yield high-quality & contrast results with vivid colors.  It also lays flat which avoids the wavy and/or “wet water spots” look like you would get from most other backlit materials.  When combine all these advantages, you get spotless clean look vivid-color backlit graphic that will look good longer than most other backlit materials. 

Frontlit or Backlit:  Backlit, will also work without back-light with less optimize result.
Applicable Surface:  All Magnetic Receptive Surfaces.
Weatherability:  Indoor and Short-Term Outdoor

Opacity:  Translucent
Thickness:  20 mil.
Finish:  Matte
Maximum Size:  49” W x 98” H