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EPVC, also known as Expanded PVC, is a weather-resistant plastic substrate suitable for wide range of both indoor & outdoor applications.  It's made out of the same type of base material as the PVC pipes used in the residential & commercial plumbing except it's manufactured with lower density to reduce weight and costs.  

EPVC is resistant to sunlight and moisture and generally would last 5+ years outdoor. EPVC is sensitive to temperature fluctuations so pre-drilling the material with a larger hole than the mounting post is require to accommodate the expansion or contraction of the material or it will warp under the sun.  We recommend using 1/4" or thicker on sizes over 24” x 36” in outdoor applications to give it more dimensional stability.

U.V. Curable Inkjet Printing
Moisture Resistant
2-Year Outdoor Ink Fade-Resistance

 - U.V. Resistant
 - Moisture Resistant
 - Available in 3mm(1/8”), 6mm(1/4”),
 - Up to 79.9” W x 120” H

All rigid indoor and outdoor graphics and signages.