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Backlit displays attracts more attentions than non-backlit displays.  For beautiful result, check out our Backlit SEG Fabric for your backlit graphic needs.  The SEG Backlit Fabric yields vivid colors and detials that sure to attract the eyes of target audiences.

SEG BACKLIT is a Day-N-Nite stretch backlit fabric which looks great when back-lighted and looks good without as well., making It a dual-purpose SEG material choice.

Special color profile and print-mode are utilized to achieve the color density required by backlit applications. 

For SEG display system with or without back-lighting.  Our SEG BACKLIT will look good as well without back-lighting.  Back-lighted graphic attracts more attention than none-back-light graphics.

Material:  High Quality Silicone
Width of Silicone: ​12 mm
Thickness of Silicon:​ 3 mm

- The shorter side of the finished(visible) dimension cannot exceed 119" or 3,022 mm;
- Dimension Ratio(longer side divided by shorter side) cannot exceed 10 or 10:1 ratio;
- Over-sized graphics with shorter dimension exceeding 119" or 3,022 mm will require tiling but feasibility will depends on the design of the graphic.  Please contact us for more information.

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