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Ready-to-Ship Floor Decals!
Need professional social distancing floor decals fast and don’t want the higher costs of custom printing?  Check out our collection of stocking READY-Ship Social Distancing Floor Decals!

Our READY-Ship CARPET Floor Decal is engineered to work on most short pile commercial carpet.  However, due to the inherent cushy and porous nature of carpet surfaces, carpet floor decals are meant for short-term promotional purposes only. .

Life expectancy of the Carpet Floor Decal varies between 1 to 4 weeks and is primarily depending on the amount of traffic they received.  Generally speaking, the firmer and more solid the carpet is, the better it will stick, and the longer it will last, given the same installation procedures and amount of traffic it received.

Production Specification
Product NameThicknessAdhesiveFinishing / Protection
Carpet Floor Decal9.4 milRemovable Solvent Acrylic UL Certified Slip-Resistant Luster Laminate


For instruction on floor decal installation click HERE