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Ready-to-Ship Floor Decals!
Need professional outdoor social distancing floor decals fast and don’t want the higher costs of custom printing?  Check out our collection of stocking READY-Ship Social Distancing Floor Decals!

The READY-Ship OUTDOOR Floor Decal is engineered to work on mildly uneven and unsealed sidewalk concrete and asphalt surfaces.  And due to the hazardous nature of outdoor environment, outdoor floor decals are meant for short-term promotional purpose only as well.  As with all other types of floor decals, application face must be free of debris, grease, and loose particles.  

!!!! WARNING !!!!
DO NOT apply Outdoor Floor Decal onto sealed smooth concrete surfaces as It will damage the concrete’s smooth surface when the decal is being removed from the surface.  

General life expectancy of the Outdoor Floor Decal is up to 3 months depending on the application surface, quality of installation, and amount of traffic they received.  Special post-heating on the edges may be needed to help them adhere better to the surface. 

Production Specification
Product NameThicknessAdhesiveFinishing / Protection
Outdoor Floor Decal10 milPermanent Acrylic/Rubber  ANSI Certified High Traction Slip-Resistant Matte Laminate


For instruction on floor decal installation click HERE